Smart device usage is a puzzle that Elemez helps you solve.

Elemez helps customers and partners around the world evolve from simply managing their devices to monitoring and measuring the impact of their mobile deployments on their business-critical operations, giving customers a much needed way to easily evaluate the ROI of their enterprise mobility investments.

Told you 20 minutes ago that

AlertBattery events are a large problem today.

Elemez is for

Hardware manufacturers and enterprise application developers, systems integrators and service providers, companies and organisations with remote workers or fleets of devices.

  • Learn about failures before they become embarrassing for you and a problem for your users.
  • Save money by knowing when to redistribute devices rather than replace them.
  • Understand the impact of using cheaper hardware by predicting the lifetime of components.
  • Know precisely how many people use your devices and how and when they do.
  • Know which versions of apps have a negative impact.
  • Meet service level agreements with timely updates and daily, weekly and monthly summaries.
  • Keep your workforce productive by reducing the number of device-related problems.
  • Minimise data costs by knowing when people connect via Wi-Fi or cellular.